STEEL by Göhlin is the fruit of a close collaboration between the entrepreneur Catrine Göhlin and the architect Pontus Lomar. The two first met for Catrine’s own villa renovation. The project soon expanded to include custom-designed furniture – Catrine stood for ideas and Pontus for design. And so a new venture was born – STEEL by Göhlin.

Solid Elegance

The pieces in the STEEL by Göhlin collection share steel as the main component, and high-quality supplementary material that accentuates the sense of steel. The design is characterized by a simplicity distilled to functional and timeless elegance achieved through thoroughly-considered and well-crafted details.

With a Keen
Sense for Steel

Catrine Göhlin, owner and founder of STEEL by Göhlin, has inherited her father Erik’s passion and sense for steel as material. Erik started a small local firm producing steel stairs and railings in Småland in the south of Sweden in 1957. The company, EAB, grew to be a global enterprise manufacturing storage equipment, doors and buildings in steel.
Growing up in an environment full of entrepreneurial spirit and pride of workmanship, Catrine has developed a keen knowledge of craftsmanship, industrial production, and particularly, the potentials of steel.

In 2013, Catrine engaged the architect Pontus Lomar of Lomar Arkitekter to remodel her villa in Småland. When she would not find suitable furniture for her newly renovated home, she commissioned pieces of her own, in steel. These, designed by Pontus, were then made under her supervision at local companies, among others EAB.
The creations became so well-received that Catrine and Pontus envisioned to present them to a greater public. Thus began STEEL by Göhlin in 2016.

Aside from conceiving ideas for new products, Catrine oversees SbG’s production in Småland workshops, where craftsmanship is combined with advanced technology. There, the region’s trait of genuine sincerity in word and action permeates the sense for material, function and quality. For Catrine, these attributes will always be synonymous with STEEL by Göhlin. With a keen sense for design and production in steel, she carries her father’s legacy further in the form of timeless furniture for an international market.

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»Designing a steel rod frame is a game of drawing a line from A to B, preferably without lifting the pencil. The actual fabrication involves finding the thinnest rod diameter for stability. Craftsmanship and precision is essential. Through testing, the optimum rod diameter for the No 1 chair was found to be 11 mm. The seat angle was tested just as thoroughly. Our products are characterized by a refined simplicity and Småland’s quality.«

— Pontus Lomar

STEEL By Göhlin Original ™

Is our quality symbol and your guarantee that our furniture:

• Are designed uniquely for STEEL By Göhlin

• Are traceable and 100% manufactured in Sweden in a sustainable way by our carefully selected suppliers with cutting-edge expertise in each area

• Are made to customer order, not mass-produced

• Has always a quality control before delivery

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